List of local specialist doctors registered with our mission - අපගේ සාමාජිකත්වය ලබාගෙන ඇති විශේෂඥ වෛද්‍යවරුන්ගේ ලැයිස්තුව.

Listed according to the registration chronological order and according to their specialty - ලියාපදිංචි වු අනුපිළිවෙළට සහ ඔවුන්ගේ විශේෂඥභාවය (පරිචය) අනුව බෙදා ඇත.

Please study the given profile of each specialist doctor and check his/her specialty before requesting us to refer your health profile to them or before requesting us for appointments. Irrational requests will be rejected by CHIRA-JEEWA information system for your benefit. It is an unnecessary wasting of money and time of both parties. Only relevant specialist, depending on your health problems and health profile will be linked to you through our administration. This is merely to improve the quality and efficiency of our services which is scientific; and to minimize ad hoc referrals with no productive outcome.